Judy Melissa Harrison

Gentle therapy for not so gentle lifestyles

Struggling with those changes in your life?

Trying  to lose weight but fed up with Yo-Yo dieting?

Feeling stressed out and frazzled?

Addictions /Phobias /Headaches /Migraines /Insomnia /Low Self Esteem?

Above are just a few of the issues that play havoc not only with our minds but also our bodies and have proved to be helped with the use of hypnosis.

Using gentle visualisation coupled with hypnotic techniques I can assist you in solving problems in your own way, finding answers to your questions, becoming more understanding of yourself thus eventually setting you free to enjoy life.

This talking form of therapy, coupled with the complementary therapies I use, is fundamental in the way I work with those individuals who need gentle assistance in helping themselves to overcome their obstacles and discover who they really are.

Seeing every day as a joy rather than an ordeal is my goal for each of my clients. Watching them take control and finding their way on a new path to happiness is my ambition.